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Top 8 Reaper tips for Pro Tools users

October 09, 2018 by Bob Kellough in How-To, Lists
Learn the ins and outs of using Reaper to supplement your Pro Tools workflow – from a Pro Tools user perspective. Though Pro Tools remains the industry standard DAW in the world of audio post production for sound editing and mixing, many sound artists have taken an interest in Reaper as a sort of “sound design sandbox” due to its powerful and flexible features.

Top 10 cars used in movies

September 28, 2018 by Jamie Bishop in The Odyssey Collection, Lists
Discover the most commonly seen vehicles throughout the history of film. Automobiles have been present in film since both were invented. From police car chases to family vacation road trips, cars are in just about every film set in the 20th century.

Top 5 Sound Editing Tools for Beginners

October 09, 2017 by Vinny Alfano in Lists
Get started recording, editing, mixing, and organizing your own sounds with reliable and affordable gear If you want to be a sound editor you’ve got to have to the right tools for the job! Or jobs, that is...

3 reasons why investing in a General Library gives your business an edge

April 11, 2017 by Douglas Price in Hybrid Library, Lists, Master Library
I founded Pro Sound Effects in 2004 with a simple goal: Empower professional media creators to unleash their full creative and productive potential.

Top 6 Pro Tools Shortcuts to Streamline Your Sound Editing Workflow

February 27, 2017 by David Forshee in How-To, Lists, Pro Tools, Sound Design
Mastering Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts is an essential skill for sound editors and designers that want to work quickly. Speed is not the ultimate goal, of course, but with the speed that comes from an obsession with keyboard shortcuts you are able to realize your ideas more quickly.

The 20 Most Popular Types of Sound Effects

January 10, 2017 by PSE in Lists, Sound Effects
If there's a sound you need, any sound, chances are you'll find it online. Heck, there are sound effects available for the obscurest of the obscure, from Olympic curling to yogurt curdling. But what are some of the most popular sound effects online? What sounds do filmmakers and game developers want most of all? We've outlined the 20 most popular types below. Looking for these sounds and more?...

The Pro Sound Effects Year in Review (2014)

December 26, 2014 by Andrew Emge in Lists, Pro Sound Effects, Sound Design
As the new year approaches, it's important to reflect on what has occurred over the past year - partly for mental and spiritual closure, but mostly to show off all of the cool stuff we did :)

The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers

November 02, 2010 by PSE in Lists, Sound Effects
Are you a recent graduate from a film school or sound design program?  For those budding new sound editors and mixers who may have a small budget to invest in their sound library but not quite the budget of a full fledged post production house, we have listed three of the best sound effects libraries that will cover your audio post production needs without breaking the bank.