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Jamie Bishop

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How sound artists are working faster and more creatively with The Odyssey Collection

March 05, 2019 by Jamie Bishop in Library Reviews, The Odyssey Collection
See why sound effects rich with cinematic character and descriptive embedded metadata are helping empower creators more than ever. 

Capturing the expressive animal recordings of Ann's Animals

February 05, 2019 by Jamie Bishop in Interviews, Library Releases
Get the stories behind some of the rare, powerful animal sound effects captured by film sound legend Ann Kroeber and featured in our latest library, Ann's Animals.

Top 10 cars used in movies

September 28, 2018 by Jamie Bishop in Lists, The Odyssey Collection
Discover the most commonly seen vehicles throughout the history of film. Automobiles have been present in film since both were invented. From police car chases to family vacation road trips, cars are in just about every film set in the 20th century.