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Pro Sound Effects Blog

Project Volare: Learn filmmaking techniques and win prizes

November 06, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Contests, How-To
  Watch, learn, interact, and win with Project Volare: A six-week short film series and interactive guide to filmmaking. Created by Joel Guelzo & Jonah Guelzo, Project Volare seeks to provide invaluable learning resources for up-and-coming filmmakers.

How to create Pro Tools session templates for sound effects editing

August 22, 2017 by David Forshee in Pro Tools, How-To
Configure Pro Tools session templates for efficient FX and background editorial. Templates are a very important part of the sound editing process. When I begin a project, it's essential that I’m not wasting energy reorganizing and rerouting tracks.

Top 6 BaseHead features for efficient sound editing workflow

May 12, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Sound Design, Sound Effects, How-To
Discover ways to stay organized and speed up your workflow with BaseHead 4.x Ultra search software. Whether you’re a sound editor or sound designer, effectively and efficiently organizing, searching, and implementing sound effects from your library is absolutely critical to stay on time, under budget, and within the creative zone.

8 ways to optimize your remote sound editing setup

April 26, 2017 by David Forshee in Sound Design, How-To
Sound editing on-the-go? Try these tips for a faster, more streamlined workflow. While I always plan on doing my sound editing work on a desktop computer over speakers in my edit suite, there will always be times when having a reliable portable rig is incredibly useful and necessary.

Adapt your project across multi-channel formats with NUGEN Audio Halo Upmix

April 13, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Sound Design, Game Audio, How-To
Find out how to intuitively and efficiently translate audio projects between stereo and surround formats Article by Kory Pereira Multi-channel mixing projects can be incredibly time-consuming, especially when your client needs deliverables in multiple formats. How can you maintain the quality and integrity of your work for viewers in environments ranging from a laptop to a theater without...

How to clean up noisy voiceover recordings with iZotope RX

April 05, 2017 by Andrew Emge in How-To
Learn how to quickly fix common voiceover audio issues including background noise, mouth sounds, and plosives. Your clients expect high quality dialogue, and sometimes this can be a challenge. iZotope’s RX Audio Editor has become a go-to for sound professionals in film, TV, game audio, and broadcast to repair, enhance, and restore problematic audio quickly and easily.

Top 6 Pro Tools Shortcuts to Streamline Your Sound Editing Workflow

February 27, 2017 by David Forshee in Lists, Pro Tools, Sound Design, How-To
Mastering Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts is an essential skill for sound editors and designers that want to work quickly. Speed is not the ultimate goal, of course, but with the speed that comes from an obsession with keyboard shortcuts you are able to realize your ideas more quickly.

How to record underwater sound effects with a hydrophone

February 01, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Pro Sound Effects, Sound Design, Sound Effects, How-To
Recordist of the Submerged library shares tips and tricks for capturing underwater sound effects with a hydrophone. A hydrophone is a microphone designed to be used underwater. When recordist Colin Hart first learned about hydrophone recording, he was eager to explore a new world of sound. But he also found that hydrophones and working with water presented a new set of challenges.

Avid Blogs: Sound Effects Library Searching with Pro Tools Workspace Browser

October 03, 2014 by Andrew Emge in Pro Tools, Sound Effects, How-To
PSE's very own librarian and curator, David Forshee, authored the latest tutorial featured on Avid Blogs about searching sound effects libraries quickly and efficiently with Pro Tools' new workspace browser. As a freelance sound designer, editor, mixer, and all-around technology guru, David knows his stuff.