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Game Audio Integration Workflow with FMOD & Unity

Get an inside look at a workflow for creating new FMOD events & implementing them into Unity.

Watch game audio sound designer John Pata create and implement sound effects in FMOD (middleware) and integrate them into Unity (game development engine) using .

FMOD is an audio engine which allows you to build and edit game sound effects in real-time and allows you to implement and improvise while connected to a game in Unity.

Demonstrating his day-to-day process as Audio Lead on the game Last Epoch by Eleventh Hour Games, John shows us his workflow for creation of an element:

  • 1:21 - Designed Sound Effects 
  • 5:00 - Creating 3D Event in FMOD 
  • 7:51 - Creating Looped Event in FMOD
  • 13:50 - Create 2D Event in FMOD
  • 15:55 - FMOD Master Bank
  • 16:39 - Unity Implementation

Some terms in this video: 

  • 2D Event - a stereo sound effects, ex. such as an ambience
  • 3D Event - a sound effect which is position relative to the listener, moves around in 3D space in the game engine (in this case Unity), ex. such as a stationary object within the game the player moves around
  • Events Tree - a window in FMOD which shows all of the FMOD Studio objects available
  • Audio Bin - a window in FMOD which shows all of the available audio elements you can incorporate into your game
  • Loop Event - a specific 2D Event which allows you to loop a specific sound effects loop as long as specific parameters are met during game play.
  • Master Track - functions as the master bus of an event instance.
  • Master Bank - contains data related to your project as a whole, including its mixer, buses, routing, and VCAs
  • Audio Bank - your event compressed into one element which Unity uses to read & activate all of the changes occurring to said event during game play.

Checkout John's other video demonstrating the creation and implementation of custom sound design assets for first-person shooter gameplay & implementing them into FMOD.

Want free sound effects? Download a free sampler of sounds from CORE 2 here:


Big thanks to John Pata for creating this tutorial video! Check out his website here.

Another thank you to Wesley Freeland for the music in the time-lapse section! Check out his website here.