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LA Post Production Sound Design Podcast

September 11, 2020 by Maddy Kong in Podcasts
Learn from in-depth discussions with professionals in the post production sound industry.

Jurassic Park Sound Design Explained by Gary Rydstrom

August 26, 2020 by Maddy Kong in Sound Design, Film Sound
Dive into the iconic sound world of Jurassic Park with sound designer Gary Rydstrom.

David Lynch on Sound and Alan Splet's Wind Recordings

August 17, 2020 by Maddy Kong in Interviews, Sound Recording
Filmmaker David Lynch discusses the importance of sound in film.

New Sound Effects Libraries: Dogs, ATVs, Crashes, Ambiences & More

June 23, 2020 by Maddy Kong in Product Releases, Pro Sound Effects
Explore the six latest exclusive specialty libraries from our world-class network of recordists.