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Creativity in Podcast Sound Design, Part 2

November 17, 2021 by Benbrick in How-To, Podcasts
Award-winning composer and sound designer Benbrick takes us through his creative process for podcast sound design.

Mark Mangini on the Importance of Sound in Cinema - No Film School Interview

December 21, 2020 by Julia Skubisz in Interviews, The Odyssey Collection, Podcasts
Learn from this insightful interview with one of the most creative and in-demand supervising sound editors today.

Podcast Audio Editing: Creativity in Podcast Sound Design

October 02, 2020 by Benbrick in How-To, Podcasts
Make your podcast editing more engaging and immersive with creative sound design.

LA Post Production Sound Design Podcast

September 11, 2020 by Maddy Kong in Podcasts
Learn from in-depth discussions with professionals in the post production sound industry.