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Spatial Connect: The VR audio workflow tool sound designers have been waiting for

August 08, 2017 by Travis Fodor in Interactive Media, Interviews, Game Audio
Dear Reality co-founder, Christian Sander, discusses dearVR Spatial Connect - the new VR audio mixing tool that promises to revolutionize 3D audio workflow. Even as 3D audio technology has advanced in recent years, the disconnect between DAW and VR engines has remained a pain point for sound designers working in immersive media. This gap in the workflow results in less time working creatively and...

Is Your App Like a Silent Film?

January 22, 2014 by David Forshee in Interactive Media
Have you thought about how sound can enhance the experience of using your app?

Sound Effects for Audiobooks and eBooks

July 02, 2013 by David Forshee in Interactive Media, Sound Effects
The New York Times posted this article and video about actors finding steady work in the ever-growing audiobook industry:

Jeff Bizub Uses Music Theory to Fix GE Engines

November 14, 2012 by PSE in Interactive Media, Sound Effects, Audio Branding
Talk about heavy metal. As you may have read, GE Engineer Jeff Bizub made small pockets of audio and engineering geeks giddy earlier this year when, essentially, he transposed the frequencies of spark ignition engines to pre-diagnose breakdowns before they happened. Chalk it up to Jeff Bizub's academic background in music theory, which

David Sonnenschein & Ric Viers Kick Off Webinar Series: Secrets For Great Film Sound

October 01, 2012 by PSE in Interactive Media, Sound Effects, Events and Parties
Starting today, David Sonnenschein and Blastwave FX's Ric Viers are launching a six-part webinar series entitled SECRETS FOR GREAT FILM SOUND. The lectures are set to address specific challenges in audio recording, editing, and design. The program will also include raffle prizes along the way—like a tascam DR-40 handheld 4-track recorder, and an iU2 iPhone Audio Interface. This is a rare chance...

Pro Sound Effects Interview: Cow Hammer Throw Composer Bob Bell

August 29, 2012 by Administrator in Interactive Media, Interviews, Sound Effects, Contests
Today we highlight one of our favorite runners-up from last month's PSE Animal Olympic Competition. Bob Bell's "Cow Hammer" submission was a mixed bag of audio wizardry, dark humor and splat-tastic creativity. What is your background in, or relation to sound design & audio production? I suppose I'm what you'd call a bedroom producer. I've dabbled in electronic music production for around eight...

Pro Sound Effects Audio Olympic Competition Heats Up: Highlights from the contest on Facebook

August 10, 2012 by Administrator in Interactive Media, Contests
Bear vs. Elephant by Bkorns4 We've seen some exciting entries to the Audio Olympic Competition so far! Take a listen to a few more highlights below, get the scoop on the rules of the contest

Season 3 of Blastwave FX's Detroit Chop Shop Series

August 08, 2012 by Administrator in Interactive Media, Interviews, Sound Design
  Every week, our friends over at Blastwave FX offer up a new installment of their Detroit Chop Shop Series. If you've been missing out on Season 3, the series follows Ric Viers and his Blastwave interns, starting with the recording of this summer's Zombie Apocalypse collection, and including some on-site recording and miscellaneous projects along the way. Episodes 1 - 5 are available on the...

Sound Design for iOS and Games: Soundrangers Co-Founder On the Best Bang for Your Buck

July 23, 2012 by Administrator in Interactive Media, Sound Design, Sound Effects
Post Magazine posted a comprehensive feature this month exploring a handful of innovative implementations of new media. One example highlights Barry Dowsett, sound designer and co-founder of Soundrangers, and his sound design for iOS game: Pocket Potions. Dowsett discusses how and where bandwidth can breed more creativity within audio design,