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Pro Sound Effects Blog

Introducing The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles by Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson

September 25, 2018 by Andrew Emge in The Odyssey Collection, Library Releases
Available now: Accelerate your productions with the most thorough collection of professional car sound effects available – plus trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Beautiful Bugs: Recording insects with Ann Kroeber

July 30, 2018 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases, Interviews, Sound Recording
Get the stories behind the recording and sound design process of the moody, expressive insect sound effects in the new Beautiful Bugs library. Insect sounds have a natural rhythm and depth in their buzzing, droning, clicking and swelling. The familiar moodiness and complexity of these sounds make them ideal sound design layers – whether you’re immersing the audience in the atmosphere of a scene...

Introducing the new Hybrid Library: Updated with more coverage and speed

June 27, 2018 by Andrew Emge in Hybrid Library, Library Releases
The reliable, robust sound library you’ve always wanted starts here. Boost your sonic arsenal and finish projects faster with over 65,000 sounds and enhanced metadata.

Announcing The Odyssey Collection: Essentials by Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson

September 14, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases, Pro Sound Effects, Sound Effects, The Odyssey Collection
Available now – exclusive sound library curated from the life's work of two Academy Award®-winners encompassing over 36 years of feature film sound. We are proud to announce The Odyssey Collection: Essentials - the first exclusive sound effects library from our partnership with award-winning sound editors Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.

Refining Greatness: Step inside the development of the Mangini Anderson Library

June 01, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases, The Odyssey Collection, Pro Sound Effects
The Pro Sound Effects Editing Team is always hard at work. Our big project for 2017 is developing the world-class sound libraries born from our exclusive partnership with Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson.

Introducing Master Library 2017: New Features with Special Intro Pricing

May 16, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases, Master Library
Over 200,000 world-class sound effects: The most complete general sound library for professional media production. We're proud to unveil the new Master Library 2017 - an upgraded version of our most comprehensive general sound effects library - designed to include everything you need to stay in the creative zone, finish projects faster, and produce better sound than ever.

Mark Mangini & Richard Anderson Join the Pro Sound Effects Library

April 19, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases, The Odyssey Collection
Academy Award®-winning sound editors to release exclusive world-class sound effects libraries. In an ongoing collaboration, Pro Sound Effects is teaming up with two award-winning post audio veterans, Mark Mangini (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Fifth Element & more) and Richard L. Anderson (The Lion King, Raiders of the Lost Ark & more), to release exclusive sound effects libraries.

Announcing: Cinematic Winds Library from Film Sound Legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet

March 27, 2017 by Andrew Emge in Library Releases
Powerful, evocative wind recordings now available for royalty-free use in your own projects with the Cinematic Winds sound effects library.  If you don't already know their names, you've certainly heard their work. Well known for their collaboration with David Lynch, Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet ’s unique sound effects and design work can be heard in dozens of films spanning multiple decades from...

Tokyo Ambisonics Library: Use software to spatialize urban atmospheres

October 18, 2016 by Andrew Emge in Ambisonics, Library Releases, Pro Sound Effects
Immersive recordings with “virtual mic” software enhance 3D audio workflow for sound editors. Tokyo Ambisonics - the newest library from Pro Sound Effects - is available now! Grab it at 30% off through the end of November, or download the free sampler to try it out first.

Chicago Ambisonics Library with Virtual Mic Software Provides Endless Control

August 04, 2016 by Andrew Emge in Ambisonics, Library Releases, Pro Sound Effects
Urban ambience recordings with sound effects software offer sound editors unparalleled flexibility and realism. The latest library from Pro Sound Effects - Chicago Ambisonics - is available now!