Welcome to the New Pro Sound Effects Website

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Unified login, cloud access, streamlined purchasing, and search that integrates both sounds and libraries.

Find every sound you own and every sound we license, right from your browser.

We are incredibly excited to announce the beginning of a new era for Pro Sound Effects - and for all creators who rely on our sounds to bring ideas to life.

Your feedback was heard: our multiple platforms with different logins were confusing and inconvenient. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to streamline the PSE experience and bring everything together in one place - so you can find and use the right sounds for any creation.

Along the way, we learned why no other company offers a solution this comprehensive! It’s no simple task making over 1 million sounds available for purchase and local download, both individually and as libraries, along with easy cloud access via browser and desktop app. Needless to say, we’re proud to introduce the new Pro Sound Effects platform, and we’re confident it will better serve your workflow.

Check out the new website here - and read below to see what’s new.


One account (to rule them all)

All Pro Sound Effects services are now connected with a single login: individual sounds, libraries, and SoundQ software. Previously, these each had different logins which was a headache for a lot of you! We’ve unified that entire experience under one platform so all your Pro Sound Effects purchases are accessible from a single account.

If you already have an account for SoundQ or app.prosoundeffects.com (the interim web app for individual sounds), just keep using that account. There’s nothing more for you to do!

Have a login from one of the other sites of the past? See the instructions below to get started with a new login.


Buy sounds and libraries in one place

You can now browse individual sounds, libraries, and bundles all on the same site - and purchase with the same account. Search everything by keyword, or browse by category. Each sound connects to a library, and each library connects to a bundle - explore the purchase options that are available to you and your business, all in one place.


Cloud access via browser and desktop app

Purchasing sounds and libraries comes with instant, unlimited cloud access via the Pro Sound Effects platform - which has two access points:

  • Website - Easy access via browser to search and download sounds. Search only the sounds you own, or search our entire library of over 1 million sounds to find new sounds as needed.
  • SoundQ - Our free desktop app for a faster workflow. Search and send sounds directly to timeline in your editing software of choice.

Your account’s credit balance (for downloading individual sounds) also syncs between both website and SoundQ. Access however is most convenient for you - in the studio or on the go.

More improvements

Library zip downloads:
Local download for small library purchases no longer requires the Download Manager. You now get instant access to .zip file downloads in your account when you purchase a library under 4GB.

UCS everywhere:
A few years ago we converted our entire library to the Universal Category System (UCS). While our database was fully updated within a year, there were places across our website where the old metadata still appeared. On our new website, all libraries, sounds, downloads, and metadata lists are exclusively in UCS.

Login notes for existing customers

All Pro Sound Effects services are now connected with a single login: individual sounds, libraries, and SoundQ. If you already have an account with PSE for one of these services, see below for instructions to access your account on the new website.

Library customers:
If you only had an account for purchasing libraries at shop.prosoundeffects.com - create a new account using the same email address, and you’ll have access to all your owned libraries via the new website, SoundQ, and Download Manager - plus an archive of all your past purchases and transactions.

Web app (beta) customers:
The web app entered beta last year at app.prosoundeffects.com as the interim site for individual sounds - and the first step towards this new unified website. This used the same account as the new website and SoundQ - so you can still log in with that same account.

Online Library customers:
The Online Library at download.prosoundeffects.com is still a separate platform. You can log in to access at any time, although we’re confident the new website will provide the best experience. Purchasing individual sounds is more cost effective on the new web app (starting at $3.99/sound) compared to the Online Library ($5/sound). If you have a monthly subscription on the Online Library, we recommend keeping that for now until a subscription option is available on the new platform.


Working with a team?

Our platform enables shared access via browser for multiple users. We spoke with our Teams clients to learn what matters most for an efficient shared workflow, so you’ll see those findings show up in the new experience.

Your team can work how they want - in the browser, with SoundQ desktop software, or within their existing workflow - with cloud access to your library from anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us here.

Try it out!

Get started here and explore the new website.

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