Now in Beta: Introducing the New Pro Sound Effects Experience

Explore our new web app – the first step toward a unified Pro Sound Effects platform and better experience for all creators.

Since Pro Sound Effects began in 2004, our website has taken many forms. It has always served a key role in how creators like you explore our sound effects, libraries, blog content, and more to get inspired and create your best.

As a small independent company, we have typically relied on third-party platforms to provide the infrastructure for what customers need. Over time this has created quite the complicated ecosystem – i.e. different platforms with separate login systems for individual sounds, libraries, and SoundQ software.

One of the top requests we’ve received from customers has been to implement one login across all Pro Sound Effects services. That’s why we’re excited to launch the beta version of the Pro Sound Effects web app – the first big step toward a unified platform with one login and everything in one place. We’re not there yet, but this is only the beginning with many improvements to come.

Read below to learn what’s new and what it means for you.



TL;DR summary

  • The beta version of our web app is live at – this is the new place to buy individual sounds from the entire PSE Library.
  • Feedback is welcome! Try it out, and let us know your thoughts via the Feedback form in the top right corner.
  • All sounds are now available in UCS (Universal Category System). Purchase credits to license and download sounds. Credits are shared with your SoundQ account.
  • Libraries will soon be integrated to this new platform. Then all PSE services will be connected with a single login: Individual Sounds, Libraries, and SoundQ.
  • The Online Library at is still available and accessible any time. This will remain a separate platform with a separate login system.


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How does it work?

The beta version of our new web app is now live at This is your new home for searching, previewing, and downloading individual sound effects from our entire library of 850,000+ sounds in 400,000+ files – now available with UCS metadata (Universal Category System).

Purchase credits to license and download sounds. One credit lets you license one sound file. Credits can be purchased starting at $3.99 each – or buy credits in bulk to save more per credit. Credits are shared with your SoundQ account.

We welcome your feedback! Please try it out and send any thoughts or bugs via the Feedback form in the top right corner. We are dedicated to ensuring the experience of using Pro Sound Effects is second to none.


Working with a team?

The web app enables shared access via browser for multiple users. Your team can work how they want – in the browser, with SoundQ desktop software, or within their existing workflow – with cloud access to your library from anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us here.


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What’s next?

Libraries will be integrated to this new platform soon so that Individual Sounds and Libraries will both be under one roof. At that point, the entire Pro Sound Effects experience will be connected with a single login: Individual Sounds, Libraries, and SoundQ.

The addition of the new web app may seem more complicated now, but this is the future of Pro Sound Effects. It’s all part of our continued effort to streamline the PSE platform and help creators find and use the right sounds for any creation.


What about the old Online Library?

The old Online Library at is a separate platform and is still available for all users moving forward. You can log in to access at any time, although we’re confident that will provide the absolute best experience of our library. Purchasing individual sounds is more cost effective on the new web app (starting at $3.99/sound) compared to the Online Library ($5/sound). If you have a monthly subscription on the Online Library, we recommend keeping that for now until a subscription option is available on the new platform.


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Let us know what you think

We thank you for your support and feedback as we transition to a unified Pro Sound Effects platform. Please try out the new web app and share your thoughts. We look forward to delivering the best experience possible!

Questions? Let us know at 


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