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Wolf Howl Sound Effect to Assemble the Pack

March 28, 2013 by David Forshee in Sound Effects, Sound Of The Day
It was a full moon last night, and depending on your location, you might have been lucky enough to hear one of these wolf howls.

Stock Market Bell to End a Record-Setting Day for the Dow

March 05, 2013 by David Forshee in Sound Of The Day
This stock market bell marks the beginning and ending of each day of trading at the New York Stock Exchange. Interestingly it was't always a bell.

Beach Ambience Sound

February 20, 2013 by David Forshee in Sound Of The Day
In the middle of a cold winter here in New York, it's always nice to daydream about being on the beach on a warm summer day.  I recommend listening to this beach ambience sound from the BBC Nature Sound Effects Library to enhance the experience!

Crowded Street Sounds from New Orleans

February 07, 2013 by David Forshee in Sound Of The Day
The city of New Orleans has been in the spotlight since hosting the Super Bowl, and the city will again draw hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate Mardi Gras on and around "Fat Tuesday," which falls on February 12th this year.  If you're not lucky enough to be in New Orleans for the celebration, maybe these New Orleans crowded street sounds from the BBC Historical Sound Effects Library...

Chimpanzee Hoots to Rile Up Your Inner Monkey

December 12, 2012 by PSE in Sound Effects, Sound Of The Day
Were you aware that Chimps, still endangered by habitat destruction and poaching for their meat, use tools and weapons to defend themselves? They've been known to use hollow sticks in order to extract insects from crevices and holes, and also wield large branches as clubs or projectiles against leopards and humans: their two principal predators. Download FREE Chimpanzee Hoots Sound mp3 (personal...

Macaw Flight Call to Mark Your Territory

October 25, 2012 by PSE in Sound Effects, Sound Of The Day
Macaws are an endangered species, and one of the most colorful members of the parrot family. Their loud calls help them communicate within a flock, stake out territory and identify one another. That's why they squawk with such force: they need to be loud enough to cut through rain forest canopy, whose vibrant greenery, fruits and flowers are suited to their plumage. Download FREE Macaw Flight...