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Sound designing the mechanical beasts of 'Titanfall 2'

Learn how the Lead Sound Designer of Titanfall 2 created complex robotic sounds that bring the Titans to life.

Respawn Entertainment, PSE-clients and makers of the award-winning game Titanfall, recently posted a blog article featuring Rick Hernandez, Lead Sound Designer for the Multiplayer component of the Titanfall franchise.

The latest release, Titanfall 2, includes seven different Titans - each with their own unique look, voice, weapons, and abilities. In the article, Hernandez breaks down the individual sound design elements for the variety of animations, abilities, and weapons. He also explains the purpose and context of each asset and how that informs his approach.

The scope, diversity, and nuance of the game's sound design is remarkable. Techniques and types of sounds covered include recording, synthesizing and layering metal impacts, falling debris, air rushes, reversed wind, servos, bass drops, risers, household appliances, glass stresses, pneumatics gases, and hydraulic movement... to name a few.

It's a fascinating, useful look inside the creation process for anyone interested in game audio or sound design - read the full article below:

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