Introducing PSE User Stories: First Up, Ben Minto of EA DICE

We are thrilled to have Ben Minto from Electronic Arts talk for the first of our PSE User Stories. Here's what he had to say:

ben-minto Ben Minto, EA DICE

“We started working with PSE when the Blastdrive library was first released” says Minto, Audio Director at the EA DICE studio located in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The Blastwave FX library gave us a much needed injection of fresh inspiration and source material, as well as strengthening our core general library, so it was an obvious choice for us to add this to our World Wide Sound Effects Library. I now manage the licensing for the entire Pro Sound Effects Master Library, which is one of the cornerstones of our sound effects library, and this is available to over 60 plus sound designers, who are located across 14 studios worldwide, with each site having its own dedicated SFX server.”

“The terms of PSE’s scalable multi-user license are perfect for us; we can easily add additional studios in a modular fashion to our EA WWSFX initiative, as they come online;” adds Ben, “this combined with relevant annual updates, truly does make PSE a next generation sound effects company.”

“Whilst working on Battlefield 3,” continues Ben, whose previous credits include Burnout (1, 2, 3 & Revenge), Battlefield (1943, Heroes, Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 3), Black and Mirror's Edge, “The team conducted a lot of its own recording sessions, thereby giving the project its own unique edge and sonic identity. Of course we can’t go out and record everything, so having the support of a comprehensive library is essential.”

“During the development cycle we took delivery of the Complete BBC Library, with its extensive collection of nature recordings, which allowed our sound designers to create some of the lushest and most immersive ambiences I have ever heard, whilst being able to be ornithologically correct for each of the varied environments that we travel to, within the Battlefield world. The overall feel and narrative within the ambience is of course the driving factor, but having the added bonus of being able to deliver on authenticity, is one of the special touches that we strive to offer our gaming fans.”

“PSE’s latest release Rare Animals, will soon be available on our servers too, and judging by the feedback our sound designers have given, this can’t happen soon enough!”

Ben is equally enthusiastic about the forthcoming Aviation Collection, “Working with Douglas and his team at PSE is always a pleasure; they know our needs and are always on hand to provide us with the source material and service we need. I am currently listening my way through Stephan (Schütze)’s most recent library -  the extensive “Aviation Collection”, and I already know how some of this material is going to be perfect to use in our future products.”

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