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Sound Effects in the Classroom: PSE at Campus Technology Conference 2012

Sound effects and audio libraries have traditionally been an overlooked aspect of higher education. That's something Pro Sound Effects was looking to change at this year's  Campus Technology Conference in Boston; PSE exhibited exhibited our Online Library, currently used by Texas A&M and Elon University, among others, and PSE President Douglas Price presented a poster session exploring the applications of audio technology to enhance learning—with some help from sound design expert Stephan Schutze, who beamed in via webinar.

Sound effects libraries and audio design do not need to be limited to specialized audio-visual programs. And this year's Campus Technology conference reinforced how interactive media is already opening new doors for educators looking into the latest ways to reinforce lessons and concepts. A handful of presentations from this week's conference pointed to the exciting, new experience- and user-based innovations arriving to more and more campuses. Pro Sound Effects is excited to be situated in this exciting future of integrated learning that we, and plenty of prominent campus technology professionals, see for interactive media.

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