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Pro Sound Effects Releases Enhanced Hybrid Library + Expansion Program for Freelance Sound Designers

100 Hybrid Library Units Available for Freelance Sound Designers through December 31, 2014.

Attention freelancers! The Pro Sound Effects® team is proud to announce the release of the enhanced Hybrid Library and new Expansion Program for freelance sound designers and independent media creators worldwide.

Since 2012, Pro Sound Effects has supported freelancers by providing access to a big studio library at an affordable price. The Hybrid Library has always been met with amazing reception.

Now through December 31st, we are making 100 Hybrid Library units available to sound designers who apply and qualify for freelancer pricing.

In addition, all Hybrid Library owners gain access to the Expansion Program, which ensures the Hybrid Library is continually updated, as well as community benefits including a LinkedIn Group and freelancer support.

“We really stepped up our features this year,” says Douglas Price, Founder & President of Pro Sound Effects. “Our goal is to continually improve our Hybrid Program so it lives up to its reputation as both the ‘Robin Hood of Sound Libraries’ and ‘the Sound Designers Secret Weapon.’”

hybrid-library-drive-monitor_nodeskHYBRID LIBRARY KEY FEATURES:

  • 56,477 Sound Effects on Hard Drive: 338 GB of professional sound delivered on USB 3.0 hard drive

  • Spans the Sonic Spectrum A to Z: Categories include Ambiences, Animals, History, Nature, Science Fiction, Technology, Warfare and beyond

  • World-Class Recordists: Sound effects content curated from the top recordists and sound designers including Blastwave FX, BBC, BOOM, Foundation, Sound Control SE, and more

  • Online Access to 215,000+ sounds from any computer through the Pro Sound Effects Online Library

  • Masterful Metadata for lightning fast, pinpoint searches

  • Free Annual Updates: 2014 Update includes 400 new sounds (6.4 GB) from Blastwave FX plus enhanced metadata

  • 100% Royalty-Free Lifetime License

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The Expansion Program provides freelancers with a simple, cost-effective way to ensure that their sound effects selection and software toolset is continually refreshed. Developed with feedback from Hybrid Library owners and curated by the PSE Library Team, Expansions 1 and 2 are robust sound effects compilations available only to Hybrid Library owners.


  • Expansion 1: New Room Tones, Ambiences, Footsteps, and Foley --
    10,856 sounds (54 GB) on 64 GB USB flash drive

  • Expansion 2: 1,000 hand-picked BBC Ambiences, Outdoor Impulse Responses, and Production Elements --
    2,721 sounds (62 GB) on 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive

  • Soundminer Add-On: Search, audition, drag-n-drop to application

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Existing Hybrid Library owners will be emailed the 2014 Free Update which will also be posted in the Hybrid Library Owner Forum.

See prosoundeffects.com/hybrid for more information.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and email me at andrew@prosoundeffects.com with any questions.