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Post Magazine Reviews NYC Ambisonics Sound Effects Library


Produced and recorded by Pro Sound Effects, NYC Ambisonics is a sound effects library of New York City ambiences bundled with SurroundZone2 software.

The Ambisonics format allows sound editors and mixers to tweak “virtual microphones” in real time with bundled software from TSL Products. This means the recordings can be decoded to mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 & more. The creative possibilities are endless!


Since its release in July 2015, NYC Ambisonics has become one of our most popular niche libraries. A review of the library was recently featured in Post Magazine written by Brady Betzel of Margarita Mix Hollywood.

While previous NYC Ambisonics reviews (Pro Tools Expert, postPerspective) were written by audio professionals, Betzel is primarily a video editor. After experimenting with the library + software in Adobe Audition, Betzel describes his experience:

"Using ‘NYC Ambisonics’ definitely raised my editing toolbox to a whole new level. SurroundZone2 is easy to use and makes sense to even a video editor like me...The quality of the New York City-based ambiences is top notch."



Download the free NYC Ambisonics sampler at

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