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Introducing the Hybrid Library: Freelance Sound Designers, Rejoice!

If you're the type to get your PSE news here first, well then you've got some catching up to do! Earlier this week Pro Sound Effects™ released its Hybrid Library for Freelance Sound Designers. The Hybrid Library is a combination of 50,000+ sound effects on one hard drive, plus Online Access to over 120,000+ sounds. (But, surely, you're already an expert when it comes to the PSE Online Library.)

The Hybrid Library is aimed at supporting freelancers on tighter budgets. Accordingly, we've set aside 100 units of the Hybrid Library at just $1500 USD each (value is > $10,000). For more information and demos, check out the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library page. You'd better move quick; their going fast. Here's one freelancer's explanation why:

This is going to help me out SO much, and especially at a time when I really need it. I spent 6 hours searching for the right sound online just to download one or two for a film that I was working on, and as you can guess I was really irritated by the end of it... so flustered wondering how I was going to get a big enough library so that I could really start producing work faster, and at a higher level.

Seeing this posted online Monday was honestly the answer to my prayers! I shouted out with happiness here at my current day job, and had everyone wondering what was up. I gushed about how great this is that a company is willing to help the little people in a giant, and competitive industry... I just wanted to show them the company that is doing this for me, and how grateful I am to have been accepted! (Yes, they know I am a true audio geek here.)
— Melinda Bushnell, Orem, UT