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NEW VIDEO: Hybrid Library + Expansion Program

In case you missed it, we debuted a new video for the release of this year's Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library + Expansion Program in the previous post.

Give it a watch - and if you already have, give it another!

The video sheds light on our ideology behind creating the Hybrid Library + Expansion Program as well as its features, reviews, and user benefits.

And while we're on the subject - in addition to multiple Expansion and Add-On options, this year's Hybrid Library features include:

  • Free Annual Updates: 2014 Update include >6GB from Blastwave FX
  • Metadata Improvements: file names and descriptions were in good shape last year, but based on feedback and our on spelunking, we've improved with even more uniformity, search breadth, depth, and speed

For the video, we teamed up once again with our go-to video guy, Chris Lyon of Perennial Media - so you know it looks good.

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