Winner of PSE Audio Logo Contest Announced!

Congratulations to Chris Pratt, the winner of the PSE Audio Logo contest held with our friends at AudioDraft. He will be receiving the PSE Master Library.

Our runners up are:
Entry 500 by nmusic
PSE Zapper by RoShaw

And the honorable shout-out goes to:
I want it all by Sonicpurple

You can view the entries here (the top entries have five star ratings, scroll down for Chris's with the title PSE logo female): Choosing the winner was a ridiculously difficult process. In the end, we had to choose an entry that we could listen to over and over again since we will be using the logo at the beginning of all of our videos online and at conventions and trade shows.

Chris's entry expertly mixes sound effects, melodic elements, and silence/sonic space to create an audio logo that communicates who PSE is in only 6 seconds. His choices of different water sound effects makes for excellent dynamics both in level and texture/timbre. We love how his entry gives you space to breath, rather than a blanketed mesh of sounds bordering on cacophony. Also, whilst a voice at the end was not a requirement, we like the female voice in Chris's entry. We will write more about the other entries in a later blog post. Incredible, professional work, everyone!  We are blown away.


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