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(original air date December 13th, 2012)
Webinar Series Part 2

Presented by Stephan Schütze, Industry-Leading Sound Recordist and Game Sound Designer

After high demand, Stephan Schutze of the Foundation Sound Effectst Libraies and PSE are hosting a second webinar about the importance of sound in education.  This webinar will focus on sound production in the field, and is geared towards educators in media production. However, anyone interested in sound recording techniques will learn a great deal as well.

We believe that any creative process is only as strong as its raw materials, and starting with the best quality components is an essential part of producing high quality finished work. Sound design is a creative process that relies on having access to clean, high quality sound recordings.

This webinar will discuss a range of issues for capturing good quality sound recordings on location. Wether indoors, outdoors or at large event, there are some simple guidelines that can ensure you capture the material you need. This session will also help you to open your ears to the sonic possibilities that surround you and encourage you to find unique sound material to work with.

A range of equipment levels will be discussed from simple cheap but effective solutions through to high end professional gear. “The right tool for the job is whatever allows you to capture your target material.”  Often, the cheapest solution can give you the best results.

Audio is an an essential element of Film, TV, radio and game production as well as webinar and lecture presentation. Creating high quality and engaging audio material will help to ensure the overall quality of any production process you undertake.

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