Pro Sound Effects Stands in Support of Ukraine

1 min read

We at Pro Sound Effects are heartbroken by the warfare, violence, and loss of life in Ukraine.

As a company, we value humans, be it ourselves or our global neighbors, and we stand for humanity and compassion. We always have.

Though we are small, we feel we must do what we can, when we can to support people in need. And one thing we can do immediately is donate funds to Ukraine for people to access some of their most basic needs.

At this time, on behalf of our entire Team, Pro Sound Effects will be contributing to the following aid organizations:

Our goal here is to share this message through our following in hopes of further spreading awareness and support of these organizations and causes.

To our customers, partners, and supporters: Thank you for helping to make this company contribution possible. We are fortunate to be able to do so, and will continue to seek opportunities to give back where we are able.

Our thoughts and prayers stand with Ukraine and Humanity for all!

– Team PSE