Pro Sound Effects @ IMSTA Festa 2012

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Beginning September 22nd, Pro Sound Effects will be at this year's IMSTA Festa, right here in New York City!

Alongside other participants like Guitar Center and Ableton, we'll be exhibiting and giving away our new Library Cards that give access to the Pro Sound Effects Online Library. Admission is free — you just have to register. Further details and expected highlights for the upcoming conference:

IMSTA, (The International Music Software Trade Association) is a non-profit that focuses on relevant music technology and software. Within that concentration, a chief concern is educating musicians, composers and producers on piracy issues and promoting legal use. In that way, the IMSTA Festa celebrates technology as well as the latest production techniques, even as it promotes a wider understanding of how the music community can protect and ensure its own future.

Some Event Highlights Include:

  • Two educational events: the Shocklee Innertainment Panel Series, and the Broadjam University Panel - both featuring industry experts discussing and answering questions concerning studio/production technology and the music business.
  • Learn tips & tricks from knowledgeable product specialists.
  • Gain unique insight into the music industry by attending the Shocklee Innertainment Panel Series.
  • Receive prizes from a pool of products sponsored by exhibiting companies. (Like us!)
  • Network with the NYC music community.