The Spectacular Spectrograms of The Odyssey Collection

The spectacular spectrograms of The Odyssey Collection

Take a tour through some of the most visually striking sound effects from our new general library masterpiece, The Odyssey Collection: Complete.

In 2017, we partnered with Academy Award®-winning sound editors, Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson, to create The Odyssey Collection from their private lifetime library. Since then, the PSE Editorial Team logged over 20,000 hours developing the library to make it as intuitive, useful, and inspiring as possible for sound artists everywhere.

Our primary audio editor while restoring and repairing issues from the raw recordings was iZotope RX 7, where we could visualize each sound and diagnose problems very quickly – cleaning only when necessary to preserve as much of the original recordings as possible.

With the collection's immense scope and rich sonic character, we found many of the sounds to be visually remarkable in the RX spectrogram as well. While meticulously editing and cataloging each of Odyssey's 100,000+ sounds, we came across some images that were too good not to share with our fellow sound folks.

Scroll through some of our top picks below!

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Computer Info Scan

Sound: Computer Info Scan



SciFi Drone

Sound: Sci-Fi Drone



Cutter Siren

Sound: Cutter Siren



Weird Drone

Sound: Weird Drone




Sound: Dolphin



Weird Drone

Sound: Another Weird Drone



Electric Gadget

Sound: Electric Gadget



Comic Synth

Sound: Comic Synth



Power Ups

Sound: Power-ups



Weird Drone

Sound: (Yet Another) Weird Drone


Trumpet Scale

Sound: Trumpet Scale



Time Bubble Drone

Sound: Time Bubble Drone



Sound: Beeping



Swirling Wet Tone

Sound: Swirling Wet Tone



Rippling Water

Sound: Eerie Presence, Rippling Water



Comic Motor Movements

Sound: Comic Motor Movements



Synth Tone

Sound: Synth Tone



Space Shimmers

Sound: Space Shimmers



Synth Pulse

Sound: Synth Pulse




Sound: Orangutan



Synth Tones

Sound: Synth Tones



Tinnitus Tone

Sound: Tinnitus Tone



Synth Buzz

Sound: Synth Buzz



Electric Siren

Sound: Electric Siren



Phasey Tone

Sound: Phasey Synth 



Caeser's Fountain

Sound: Caesar's Fountain



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