Designing Punches with Matt Yocum

2 min read

Learn how to build your punch sounds for more realistic and visceral scenes.

Sound artist Matt Yocum (The Last of Us, Devotion) joins us for another exclusive tutorial, diving into how to sound design punches for movies and tv shows. Matt uses three unique clips to show what different punches might sound like in specific genres of film, using the CORE 4: Pro Bundle

Hearing the sound of someone getting hit makes us feel like we’re really in the film. It helps us understand the danger of the character's world, as well as connect with them on a visceral and physical level. Punching sound design can also be heavily influenced by the genre of the piece. Learn how you can take your combat sounds to the next level.



  • 00:00:00 – Intro
  • 00:01:16 – Crafting a realistic punch
  • 00:28:01 – Crafting a super hero punch
  • 00:45:50 – Crafting an anime punch
  • 00:56:29 – Final versions of all three punches
  • 00:57:17 – Outro


Closing Thoughts:

The primary goal when designing punches is to convey a real world where the characters are experiencing physical contact with power behind it. Whether you're crafting punches for a realistic film, super hero movie, or anime, you want to create a scene where it feels like the characters are either in danger, or doling out the punishment.

Successfully creating that feeling using sound design takes layering, paying attention to the frequency spectrum, being conscious of headroom, and using tools like distortion and limiting to amplify perceived power.




Matt Yocum is a freelance sound designer based out of Los Angeles.

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