See How 7 Sound Artists Create with CORE 5

See how sound artists have used CORE 5 in their sound design.

With the launch of CORE 5, we partnered with 7 sound artists to see what they could create with the CORE 5 Standard bundle, and how the sounds would inspire their creativity.

Check out their videos below:


Mikhail Repin


Observe sound designer Mikhail Repin re-imagine an intense segment from Insomniac games' Marvel Spider-Man 2, utilizing exclusive sounds from CORE 5.

Dom Caterina


Sound designer Dom Caterina re-imagines magical sounds for Final Fantasy 16.


Gilly Moon


Sound designer Gilly Moon utilizing the CORE 5 library to create a suspenseful atmosphere.


Brent Richard


Check out sound designer Brent Richard redesigning sounds for Armored Core VI.


Marc Schmidt


Sound artist Marc Schmidt designing futuristic robot sounds with CORE 5.


Ben Jacquier


Sound artist Ben Jacquier recreating the soundscape for Borderlands with CORE 5.


Benni Knop


Sound artist Benni Knop recreating animal and nature sounds with CORE 5.


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