What SoundQ Means for Search Owners

A Personal Note to Search Software Customers

Dear Search Friends, Users, and Supporters,

At Pro Sound Effects our goal is to help creators quickly find and use the highest quality sounds in their projects. For years, we’ve been building a world-class, exclusive sound effects library, releasing the libraries of Academy Award®-winning sound editors and creating libraries with some of the best recordists and sound designers in the industry. While we were very proud of the quality of our library, the user experience of our libraries was lacking for users who could not afford the more expensive asset management tools.

Enter Search, our low-cost entry into the world of sound library management software - and our very first software product - launched in June of 2019. Thanks to users like you, we’ve learned a lot about creating software over the past year, and we want to continue to deliver on our mission of helping all creators find and use the sounds they need to tell their stories.

While Search is and will remain a very useful tool for many users, our vision for how software can give all creators better access to our world-class library has led us in a new direction.

We’d like to introduce you to SoundQ.

In addition to the local databasing features of Search, SoundQ gives users cloud access to their purchased PSE libraries and sounds, plus unlimited in-app access to the Freesound.org library.

As a thank you for being a loyal customer, we will enable unlimited local databasing on the Free tier of SoundQ for anyone who has purchased Search. We also have a special offer for those interested in SoundQ! Please contact us for details and to get set up.

Rest assured, your iLok license to Search will remain, and even though Search will no longer be available for purchase.

Thank you again for your feedback, and we look forward to making our software and libraries more accessible for all creators.

David Forshee


David Forshee
Pro Sound Effects Product Manager


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