What are Sound Artists Creating with The Odyssey Collection?

You care about craftsmanship, and so do we.

When we partnered with Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson to develop their private sound library into The Odyssey Collection, we saw an opportunity to create a sonic toolset of unprecedented quality, originality and utility for sound artists everywhere.

Following the release of The Odyssey Collection: Essentials - the first module in the Odyssey series - it has been continually exciting and motivating to hear feedback from Odyssey owners, such as:

“These are the kind of sounds that I’m always looking for - everything has character and a great cinematic feel. I’m amazed by the variety, quality and organization.”

Will Files - Re-Recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

War for the Planet of the Apes
2018 MPSE Golden Reel Award Winner: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Dialogue and ADR for Feature Film

In its raw state, this massive library served as an invaluable and ever-growing resource throughout Mangini and Anderson’s booming careers of over 250 feature films and TV shows. But in order to be efficient for widespread use, we knew that developing The Odyssey Collection would be an enormous and time-intensive project. So far, we have invested over 10,000 hours of editing, selecting, shaping, and cataloging - and we’re still going!

Our goal in this process has always been to develop a professional, cohesive sound effects library that is as useful and intuitive as possible - without losing the unique richness and artful qualities that make the sounds so inspiring to work with. And we’re confident that our dedication to perfection throughout the process has made Odyssey our finest work to date.

But don’t just take our word for it. As we continue developing The Odyssey Collection into user-friendly general libraries, we decided to check in with Odyssey owners to learn how the library has fit into their workflow.

“I'm loving it! It has really filled in some gaps for me in my library. Most of my searches contain ODY results. Really nice spread of sound materials that I might need, and the years that went into this collection emerging become apparent as you get familiar with it. You just can't make a library like this without many years and projects going by and it shows.”

Paul Fox - Audio Director, Sound Designer

What I’ve used it on so far:
Living Dark trailers for Rocketwerkz


"Taste is a big thing when it comes to libraries, and this collection has great taste – even when searching for something as simple as an owl hoot. Usually, when I hear the sound I’m searching for with Odyssey, it’s the quintessential sound I need."

Mark Hailstone - Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor

Go-to categories:

What I’ve used it on so far:
The Librarians (Season 4)

Here is a short video of me using the Odyssey Collection to layer spaceship bys :) This library rocks! 

"I love this sound library! Every sound is very rich sounding, and at the same time detailed. It has been a great addition to my sound library, and very useful when I'm looking for sounds with character. Every time I've used it, I'm always able to find what I need very quickly with its well-organized metadata."

Natalia Saavedra Brychcy-Sound Effects Editor/Sound Designer

Go-to categories:
Room Tones, Ambiences, and Walla, but every category has something unique and great sounding that helps improve the quality of the project I'm working on. So whatever sound I'm looking for at the moment, it usually has it.

What I’ve used it on so far:
Life in Color (Short film)
Duty Free (Documentary)
GE Ultrasound Spot

“Extremely useful. All I have to do is type in ‘ODY’ and I know I will find something fresh, unique, and most importantly CINEMATIC. Everything in the library is very high quality.”

Robert Stambler - Supervising Sound Editor

Go-to categories:
I literally love it all

"VERY comprehensive. I am continually surprised at all of the unexpected, small yet detailed sound effects (and with multiple iterations!) that I find. There are so many great sounds to layer. I've avoided recording unusual Foley so many times. Everything I've needed on my last few projects have been in there."

Diana Cha - Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Mixer

Go-to categories:
Ambiences, Room Tones, Walla

What I’ve used it on so far:
Contemporary Mating Rituals (Upcoming web-series)
POP! (Upcoming short)
Bitch, You Thirsty (Upcoming short)

Drew Blatman

“High quality sounds and very well organized. I’ve used it in every project since I’ve purchased. There's so much diversity, it serves me in many ways.”

Drew Blatman - Editor

Go-to categories:
Room Tones, Ambiences, but mostly just finding specific sounds as needed.

What I’ve used it on so far:
Owned, a Tale of Two Americas (Trailer and documentary feature film)
Framebridge: How it Works
Nationswell branded content:
Fashioning Clothing in a Circular Economy
Highland Park Takes Power Back

“It's diverse and all quality recordings. I'm VERY pleased with my purchase.”

David Barbee - Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor 

Go-to categories:
There's so much diversity, it serves me in many ways.

What I’ve used it on so far:
Blindspot (TV series)
Atlanta (TV series)
Shooter (TV series)

 “A good general library with serious sound editing in mind. Natural and raw material done by an experienced team."

Christian Rivest - Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor

What I’ve used it on so far:
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero


“The collection is a well-rounded set of sounds, especially for those not typically found in other libraries. It facilitates more of a "building block" approach to sound layup which is useful for making choices about which layers get featured in a mix. I’ve used Odyssey in probably everything I have worked on since receiving it.”

Tom Heuzenroeder - Sound Effects Editor 

Go-to categories:
I use many other libraries too, but Odyssey always yields worthy possibilities in my search results.

What I’ve used it on so far:
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Breaking In (Upcoming film)
Wonderwell (Upcoming film)


 “I’ve found a lot of useful sounds for my latest sound designs using the comprehensive metadata in the Odyssey Collection. The sound quality is excellent.”

Anders Kwarnmark - Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Go-to categories:
Atmospheres, Room Tones

What I’ve used it on so far:
Le Jour 


"The Odyssey Collection has been an amazing addition to my sound effects library. Every time I search through it I find material that make my edits sound better, and I'm able to get to that level more effectively."

John Sawa - Sound Effects Editor

Go-to categories:
It's all good, so it's all a go-to!

What I’ve used it on so far:
The Shipment (Upcoming short film)


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