Telephony Collection: A Century of Phone Sound Effects


New sound effects library offers over 100 years of telephone history


Pro Sound Effects has just released a new library: the Telephony Collection!

Recorded on location at the Telstra Museum in Australia by Stephan Schütze of Sound Librarian, the Telephony Collection contains over 1,500 sound effects (2.6GB) of more than 50 different historical telecommunication devices, including both rotary and pushbutton telephones, payphones, switchboards, exchanges and clocks. Check out the audio demo below:


PMG-Type-137-AWAmong the collection are sounds that range from the instantly recognizable and nostalgic to the esoteric and unique. Highlights include:

• Ericsson PMG Type 8-10MT
• Candlestick Phone PMG Type 138 AT
• Gondola phone
• Variable Tariff Long Breech
• Victa Red Payphone
• Payphone MMP Multimedia Phone
• Switchboard Lamp Signaling
• Cross Bar Exchange
• BPO Mark II Speaking Clock
View full equipment list here

The Telephony Collection provides a wide variety of phone sound effects and Foley: rings, dial tones, buttons, rotaries, switches, toggles, selectors, dials, pickups, hang-ups, receivers, handsets, headsets, operation, line jacks, drawers, card swipes, relays, shutters, timers, bells, coins and more.

telephony-collectionFor quick and easy sound selection, the Telephony Collection is embedded with descriptive metadata compatible with Soundminer, Pro Tools, NetMix, Basehead, AudioFinder, iTunes and other popular sound effects library search software. Download the excel track list here.

The library also comes with a visual reference guide that includes 62 images of devices in the collection accessible in the directory and also embedded in each file for display within asset management software, giving sound designers another way to choose sounds.

Available at the intro price of $119 through November, the Telephony Collection is delivered as 16-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files via download or on a custom 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive (+$40).

→ Learn more about the Telephony Collection here!


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