Talking CORE 5 with Matt Yocum & Mark Mangini

2 min read

Dive into the world of CORE 5 and hear personal sound design stories, as well as valuable advice for sound artists.

To celebrate the launch of CORE 5, Matt Yocum sat down with special guests including Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini (Dune), Randy Torres (Tenet), and Chris Diebold (Spider-Man: No Way Home), sound artists who have all contributed to libraries in CORE 5. Together they discussed their experiences and shared insights into sound design, and utilizing high quality sound libraries. 


The Art of Sound Design

During the conversation with Chris Debold and Randy Torres, each sound artist shared their insights into the art of sound design and the role it plays in storytelling. They emphasized the importance of sound in conveying emotion and creating an immersive experience for the audience. Touching on their experience recording helicopter sounds for the Netflix movie Beverly Hills Cop, Randy and Chris discussed how complex sound requires meticulous planning and collaboration, and that it is important to capture various perspectives, as it's crucial for matching sounds to specific on-screen actions. 


The Importance of Metadata

Both Chris and Randy emphasized that metadata, while perhaps not the most glamorous aspect of sound design, plays a critical role in the efficiency of sound library management. Well-structured metadata enables quick and accurate searches, saving sound designers precious time in the creative process.


The Value of Sound Libraries

Mark Mangini emphasized the utility of sound libraries for sound professionals, acknowledging that recording every sound from scratch is rarely feasible. While bespoke recordings are valuable when time and resources permit, sound libraries provide a vast resource of ready-to-use assets that can speed up the sound design process.

He encouraged sound professionals to embrace the convenience of commercial sound libraries, particularly when they offer well-recorded and metadata-rich assets, stating "the goal is to use these libraries to enhance the storytelling and creativity, rather than spending excessive time searching for or recording sounds.”


Final thoughts

Sound design is an integral part of filmmaking, and the work of sound designers like Mark Mangini, Chris Debold, and Randy Torres continue to shape the auditory experiences of audiences worldwide. The availability of high-quality sound libraries such as CORE 5, complete with detailed metadata, has made the work of sound professionals more efficient and creative.

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