SoundQ Update: Shared Collections, New UI, and Unlimited Local Files

Explore the latest features designed to boost your workflow.

We’re proud to introduce the latest version of SoundQ - our sound library software that seamlessly integrates with your editor of choice. The changes in this massive update will help improve your workflow and amplify collaboration for creative teams, educators, and freelancers alike.

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Shared Collections

You can now share collections you create with other SoundQ users for real-time collaboration. Whether you’re a freelancer, in-house editor, manager of a creative team, or educator, this feature will help you take your workflow to the next level.


  • Invite new collaborators into a project.
  • Work on scenes together by sharing sound selections.
  • Share your favorite go-to sounds and hidden gems with peers.

Teams & Educators:

  • Easily manage access for your organization.
  • Increase efficiency and collaboration.
  • Quickly get new users up-and-running.


Updated User Interface

Enjoy the new look of SoundQ - redesigned to give you a cleaner workspace to inspire creativity. The Collections Panel was also reorganized into three sections:

  • My Collections: Access sounds included with your SoundQ plan, and create collections that sync with your account.
  • Store: Purchase credits to access additional sounds not included with your SoundQ plan – from the complete Pro Sound Effects library of 1 million+ sounds.
  • System Collections: Create collections that sync with your device. These collections do not sync with your account or the cloud.


Unlimited Local Files

The Free tier now includes unlimited local files! The newest version of SoundQ serves as a free organizational tool to database, manage, and search your local libraries.


Path Remapper

Found in the SoundQ Preferences panel, the Path Remapper allows you to map file paths to a custom location temporarily – meaning without changing the metadata stored in the database. This is in contrast to the Relink feature which permanently updates the file path location.


Try It Out!

Try out the newest version of SoundQ and let us know what you think. Get started on the Free tier with no strings attached. If you already have SoundQ installed, simply open the app and you will be prompted to download the latest version. 



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