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Setting the studio on fire: Recording sounds for Raiders of the Lost Ark

Discover the lengths that true sound effects recordists will go to capture the perfect sound.

Since we started developing The Odyssey Collection for your personal use and exploring its sonic treasures, we uncovered a historic sound effect story that was too good to keep to ourselves.

We recently sat down with Mark Mangini to learn about his process and approach to sound for film. He ended up sharing an absurd story about recording fire sounds with partner Richard L. Anderson for an iconic scene from Spielberg’s classic 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

You remember the ‘80s, right? Or did you watch Raiders for the first time streaming on Amazon Prime? The memorable fight scene includes a shootout between Indiana Jones and the Nazi commander’s henchmen. Amid chaotic combat and gunfire, fire spreads throughout the bar and catches a trail of spilled whiskey.

Like true sound recordists, Mangini and Anderson were not willing to settle in their portrayal of the igniting trail of flames - so out came the sterno and benzene. This is just one of many examples showing the duo’s commitment to capturing the perfect sound. We can’t wait to share their life’s work with you.

Watch the Nepal Shootout bar fight scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark below, and stay tuned for more stories from behind the sounds of Mark and Richard!



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