Refining Greatness: Step inside the development of the Mangini Anderson Library


The Pro Sound Effects Editing Team is always hard at work. Our big project for 2017 is developing the world-class sound libraries born from our exclusive partnership with Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson.

In October 2017, we partnered with two award-winning film sound veterans - Mark Mangini (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Fifth Element & more) and Richard L. Anderson (The Lion King, Raiders of the Lost Ark & more) - to release exclusive sound effects libraries.

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Richard L. Anderson and Mark Mangini
Richard L. Anderson & Mark Mangini

About the Library

The new libraries will include approximately 100,000 sounds from Mangini and Anderson’s private collection of recordings.

Created throughout their prolific careers spanning 36 years and 277 film credits, their personal sound archive has been (and continues to be) instrumental to their success. We can’t wait to share these sounds from two true masters of film sound with you.

 Developing the Library

Our goal is to develop the most useful sound effects libraries possible. But editing and organizing such a massive amount of audio data into a cohesive sound library is no simple feat! Luckily we have an incredible team of sound editors on the job. 

Pro Sound Effects Editing Team
Pictured from left to right: Daniel D’Errico, Jenn Grossman, Yasaman Kazerooni, Sebastian Henshaw. Not pictured: Ben Englander

Using industry-standard audio tools like iZotope RX 6 and BaseHead Ultra, the team is busy diving into the wealth of raw audio content - from editing to categorizing and embedding descriptive metadata for fast, pinpoint searches.

First Impressions from Our Team

“There’s an impressively wide variety of sounds that I continually come across as I work through the collection, from the practical to the otherworldly, all with incredible depth and nuance. You’ll find your bread and butter AND your exotic fruits with these libraries.” - Daniel D’Errico

“The breadth of material gives a really inspiring, intriguing, and humbling glimpse into their sonic methods and experiences. It's not your typical streamlined collection. A lot of real-life substance went into capturing and creating these sounds.” - Jenn Grossman

Sebastian iZotope RX 6 yassi-ben-basehead-300x300
Sebastian editing a 'footsteps inside helicopter' recording in iZotope RX 6
 Yasaman & Ben reviewing and editing metadata in BaseHead Ultra
“As a sound designer, there are always sounds that you expect to find easily but then literally cannot find anywhere - like a subtle breeze, gentle cloth rustle, realistic human footsteps and punches… Well this library has dozens of each, all recorded with ultimate detail, subtlety, texture, and quality. Not only can you hear them, but you can feel them, touch them, and make them your own!” - Yasaman Kazerooni

“Mark and Richard mentioned that they made it a point to record *something* every day. It’s given us all some great insight into their professional (and sometimes personal) lives over the duration of their careers. I often come across sounds that fill in gaps in my own collection that I didn’t even know I had.” - Sebastian Henshaw

Jenn iZotope RX dan-basehead-300x300
Jenn editing a 'body smack' recording in RX
Dan working in BaseHead Ultra


Create beyond your imagination with The Odyssey Collection.


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