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PSE-Partner Stephan Schütze on Recording Vehicle Sound Effects


Designing Sound yesteday featured Pro Sound Effects Content Partner and game sound design expert Stephan Schütze with a Guest Contribution article detailing his many approaches to recording vehicle sound effects. He takes a more conceptual approach to capturing good vehicle sounds as opposed to focusing too much on gear. We like. From Sir Schütze:

"...our approach to recording a vehicle needs to be that we treat the vehicle and the person who has granted you access to it with the appropriate level of respect. Make sure that at no stage are you placing yourself, the operator of the vehicle or anyone else at risk. Be prepared to capture some sounds that quite literally may range into the most extreme ranges that human hearing can deal with and even beyond."

Schütze delves into specific techniques for recording sound effects with vehicles such as motorbikes, aircrafts, and even tanks. Read the full article here.

Schütze is the recordist behind our Foundation Library - a comprehensive and regularly-updated general sound effects library currently featuring over 16,000 sounds. The Foundation Catalog is also included in our Master Library.

Many of Schütze's sounds are listenable on our Online Library. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to the right to stay updated with releases from Schütze and other catalogs.