Mark Mangini Featured on Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast

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Discover the secrets behind the creation of Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini’s most iconic sound design moments.

We partnered with the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast to interview award-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune). In this episode, host Dallas Taylor unravels the top six most unforgettable sound design moments from Mark’s career. These moments are seen in films such as Gremlins, The Fifth Element, Blade Runner 2049, The Lion King, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Star Trek.

From turning feline roars into monsters and machines, to using swarms of bees to encapture the themes of natural vs. artificial life, Mangini’s magic as a storyteller is seen in the way he references sound outside of what we see onscreen. His motive behind using animal and human sounds in these films was to make the characters and objects more recognizable to our ears and help bring them to life. These iconic films perhaps wouldn’t have been as memorable without Mark’s creative endeavors in recording and sound design. Dive into his unconventional framework for utilizing sound to inspire your own ideas and create in a more emotive and narrative way.


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Pro Sound Effects has an exclusive partnership with Mark Mangini to develop state-of-the-art sound libraries from his personal collection. When we first teamed up in 2017, our goal was to develop the Odyssey Collection from material built throughout his career with partner Richard L. Anderson while creating the sound for hundreds of Hollywood films. Since then we have released libraries solely from Mangini, including LA Ambisonics, Kinetic, Rain, and Tortured Memories.

More of these highly anticipated libraries will be made available throughout 2023 and beyond, providing creators everywhere with the same exceptional sonic ingredients that Mangini himself uses in his award-winning work.