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King Collection: Guns Library Tour with Bob Kellough


Take an inside look (and listen) at the dynamic strength of King Collection: Guns.

Watch sound effects editor Bob Kellough (Justice League, Pet Semetary) explore King Collection: Guns. Get a listening tour of the library and learn why he loves the quality of the recordings and organized presentation.

Curated in collaboration with King as part of the King Collection, Guns delivers a massive, untapped treasure trove of versatile firearm sound effects so you can create with the same tools used in a multiple Oscar®-winning career. With both detailed multi-channel recordings and tastefully layered stereo composites, ready for any scene with common, rare, and vintage weapons spanning three centuries – from handguns to artillery.

Watch the video above, and see below for some highlights from Bob's library tour.

Available now – King Collection: Guns




On organization...

"Each weapon has its isolated tracks, and monos and stereos, and stereo summed tracks for both quickly cutting sounds and digging in further."

"The layout of the recordings is amazing — everything lines up perfectly, there's no issue with phasing, no issue with masking, it just snaps into place."

On recording quality...

"Each of these recordings sound fantastic, and you get a sense of scale and scope with the different perspectives."

"There's a lot of character from the different microphone choices, different perspectives — you can do a lot of damage with this library."

On the depth of the library...

"This is Richard King we're talking about, with a filmography spanning centuries, so you're gonna see everything from cannons and single bolt rifles all the way to submachine guns.”

Bob Kellough
Bob Kellough is a freelance sound designer based out of Los Angeles.