King Collection: Aircraft Library Tour with Travis Fodor

Explore masterful recordings from 46 aircraft from award-winning sound artist Richard King.

Watch sound artist Travis Fodor (Audio Lead, Fisker Group Inc) explore the powerful, vivid sounds of King Collection: Aircraft. In this listening tour of the library, Fodor experiences the sounds for the very first time and shares his opinions on the recording quality, uniqueness, possible use cases, and more.

Available exclusively from Pro Sound Effects, King Collection: Aircraft features sounds effects from 46 different aircraft curated from the private library of Academy Award®-winner Richard King (Dunkirk, Inception). Aircraft is the third library in the growing King Collection and adds to the rich general and specialty libraries already available.

Watch the video above, and see below for some highlights from the library tour.


Available now – King Collection: Aircraft




Library tour highlights:

On the recording quality…

“The beauty here is: you get this warmth, and you don't have to cut out a lot of hissiness. It's just recorded really well.”

“The recording space can be pretty interesting – a lot of times, aircraft sounds are either really dry or really outside, so an in-between is pretty cool."

On the depth of the library…

“I like the combination of just the transients, but then other perspectives really give you more of the air and more of the ambience.”

“You have a couple of seconds of pretty long fly-by, really close and clean, and then you have this awesome background stuff you can drop in. You also have the dynamics and changing perspective.”

On the use of the sounds…

“If you’re working with jet sounds, this is all you need. You have it all right here.”

"This would be great for any game that needs looping engines...You can cut a super clean loop, and then have also have the dynamics and changing perspective."

“This is useful for anybody working in games or film trying working on rocket sounds, but also, anything that needs a clean loop, thats what’s really jumping out at me here, this stuff is really good for that.”

“A lot of these would work as ambiences too – mono ambiences which you could spot yourself.”



Travis Fodor is a Technical Sound Designer based out of Los Angeles. He is currently leading the Audio Experience Team at Fisker Group Inc., and previously worked on the Hololens at Microsoft.




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