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Introducing The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles by Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson

Available now: Accelerate your productions with the most thorough collection of professional car sound effects available – plus trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

We're proud to present The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles (OV) – the latest exclusive library from our partnership with Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (The Lion King, Edward Scissorhands). Bring vehicles to life with confidence, precision, and world-class quality.

As the latest library in The Odyssey Collection following Odyssey Essentials (OE) and Odyssey Expanded (OX), OV presents a new approach to sound library curation – combining the comprehensive offering of a general library with the pinpoint focus of a specialty library – all while championing Odyssey’s renowned and inspiring quality, reliable breadth, intuitive organization, and cinematic character.

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Mark Mangini
“This library has been an essential tool for me my entire life, and this idea of workups and vehicle recordings is a big part of its philosophy. It makes getting the job done that much more elegant, professional, and high fidelity.” 
– Mark Mangini

Cars are everywhere in film, games, and society in general, but many sound artists lack the resources to tackle vehicle-centric projects. Whether the obstacle is finding recordings of a specific model, matching unique angles, or running out of material for the quick cuts of a high-speed chase – sound designing vehicles without the proper sonic ingredients can be a huge waste of your time and distract your audience from the story.

Recorded with the invaluable resources of a Hollywood budget while creating the sound for hundreds of major feature films, Odyssey Vehicles features over 250 different vehicles – from sports cars and luxury SUVs to street bikes and military trucks – expertly captured from varied perspectives with methodical workups to streamline your workflow.

What is a workup? A workup is a thorough series of recordings of the same subject from many different perspectives, angles, and distances. To ensure you have the sounds needed for any scene, a workup of a specific vehicle provides recordings of every action the vehicle performs – both interior, exterior, and at different speeds including pass bys, engine rumble, mechanical sounds, car Foley, and more. Learn more about how to use vehicle workups here.

Vehicle Sound Design

OV Key Features:

  • 12,259 broadcast .wav files (147GB)
    • More than 250 different vehicles
    • More than 125 vehicle workups
    • More than 550 multi-track recordings with a variety of mic placements
  • 27 Categories: Engines, mechanical, doors, and more from modern and classic vehicles
  • Rich Metadata: Optimized for fast, pinpoint search
  • Online Access: 24/7 from any computer
  • Search Software: Drag-and-drop to your DAW
  • 100% Royalty-Free license for use in any project
  • Delivery Options: Download or 1TB Hard Drive
  • Flexible Access: On hard drive, online, or on your server
  • Buyout and Annual Payment Options

Pricing and Availability:

  • Full Library – 1-User Perpetual License: Starting at $1,195
  • Basic Version – 1-User Perpetual License: $199
  • Multi-User Annual License: Starting at $595 per year
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The Odyssey Collection: Vehicles