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Introducing The Odyssey Collection: Ambiences by Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson

Build the world of your story with award-winning quality sound.

We are proud to introduce The Odyssey Collection: Ambiences – the newest exclusive library curated from the private collection of Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini (Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (The Lion King, Batman Returns). Create immersive and authentic backgrounds for any project with vibrant, diverse, high-quality recordings from around the globe – so you can focus on staying creative and delivering your best sound.

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Mark Mangini"Because Richard and I were so religious about fresh recordings, it was quite common for us to have a recorder with us everywhere we went: at home, at sporting and social events, local disasters and even on vacations. This allowed us to develop a rich, varied and international scope to our Ambience library without having to actually find money to fund every recording.” Mark Mangini

Ambiences are a crucial element to any sound artist’s toolkit. With over 4,000 sounds (118GB), Odyssey Ambiences covers your needs for locations both everyday and exotic — from aircraft carriers to the Serengeti, nuclear power plants, brisk Canadian mountain air, Mexican bar walla, a Czechoslovakian office, record pressing factories, Malaysian forests, big cities, small towns and everywhere in-between.

Odyssey Ambiences is the latest individually available library curated from The Odyssey Collection: Complete – which features the complete private library of Mangini and Anderson built throughout their careers in sound for film. Learn more about The Odyssey Collection here

Odyssey Ambiences Key Features:

  • 4,043 Broadcast .wav Files: 118GB delivered via download
  • 100% Royalty-Free license for use in any project
  • Flexible Access: Download, online, or on your server
  • Total Length: 119 hours, 35 minutes, 33 seconds
  • Average Recording Length: 1 min, 46 sec
  • Rich Metadata: Optimized for fast, pinpoint search

Pricing and Availability:

  • 1-User Perpetual License: Starting at $495
  • Multi-User Annual License: Starting at $840 per year

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