Inside the Library of Award-Winning Sound Artist Richard King

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Get the stories behind some of the rich and unique recordings from Richard King’s massive sound effects library.

King Collection: Vol. 2 is here – the newest general library curated from the private collection of Academy Award®-winning sound artist Richard King. With four Oscar® wins for Best Sound Editing – Dunkirk (2018), Inception (2011), The Dark Knight (2009), Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2004) – King is among the most renowned sound designers and supervising sound editors in the industry today.

His sound library has been steadily and masterfully built throughout his 40-year feature film sound career and continues to serve his craft as an invaluable tool. In this video interview, Richard shares a snapshot of his sound library and reveals stories behind capturing specific sounds included in the release.

Available Now – King Collection: Vol. 2.

Pro Sound Effects is honored to be collaborating with Richard King to develop another exclusive sound library curated from his private collection. Sound artists everywhere will now have access to more of the rare and big-budget sound effects used by award-winning professionals – expertly captured by top recordists with Hollywood resources.

This wide-ranging general library includes a complete palette of essential sounds – from Foley, footsteps, and props to animals, birds, and insects – along with a vast selection of immersive ambiences and backgrounds.

Experience world-class sounds captured with a dedication to quality, realism, and emotive power.


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Many thanks to Mike James Gallagher for leading this interview! Mike is an Emmy-nominated sound effects editor & sound designer (Weird, Selena) and creator of INDEPTH Sound Design. Check out his work here: