Hybrid Library Tour with Ryan Billia

Take an inside look at the Hybrid Library to explore the features of our best value, most popular general sound effects library.

As an early adopter of the Hybrid Library, supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer Ryan Billia (Imperium, Patti Cake$) is the perfect sound artist to guide you through the freshly updated library's organization, depth, and quality.

The new Hybrid Library is back with more user-driven improvements. The reliable and robust general sound effects library helps sound artists boost their workflow with enhanced metadata and newly added sounds for even more coverage and speed.

With over 65,000 sound effects in 295 categories, the Hybrid Library provides the sound editor's "bread and butter" with a wide variety of the most-needed sounds to tackle any project. If you're looking to grow your personal library with more than 400GB of inspiring creative fuel, start here. You simply won't find this many professional sound effects for this value anywhere else.

As an early adopter of the Hybrid Library, Ryan Billia is the perfect sound artist to show you around. In this video, Billia demonstrates the library's expansive metadata, the convenience of the drag-and-drop design elements, and explains how investing in the Hybrid Library was integral to opening his own audio post facility.

Watch the video above, and see below for some highlights from the library tour.

Boost your sonic arsenal with go-to sounds at an unmatched value.
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Hybrid Library

On the depth of the Hybrid Library...

"It was the first large library that I purchased when I built the studio, and the first couple films I did were almost exclusively done with it. There's really just a lot of great sounds, that runs the gamut of everything that we could possibly need."

"This is really an all-encompassing effects library that covers anyone's needs."

"There's about 65,000 sounds, so with this library alone you've got the tools to take on basically any project that comes your way."

On the convenience...

"Really, it makes the convenience of not having to build all of these design elements on your own. They're all right here. It makes it really quick and easy."

"These are also sounds that most freelancers don't have the ability to go out and record themselves."

On the organization...

"The first thing you'll notice with a lot of these sounds is how well-edited they are."

"Their real strength is the extremely detailed metadata...with lots of search terms, starting from as wide as ambience and wind, and getting down into nitty-gritty, which makes searching a lot easier to do."

"A lot of it was driven by user feedback, so they really do listen to sound editors out there working about what can help them."


Ryan Billia is a supervising sound editor, re-recording mixer, and owner of Rumble Audio based in Brooklyn, NY.- based in 


Hybrid Library

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