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Hybrid Library now available on floppy disk


Same next level library features, new vintage feel!

Team PSE is proud to announce that the Hybrid Library - our best value, most reviewed general sound effects library - is now available on floppy disk!

While some may be surprised that physical mediums of yesterday like vinyl and cassettes have made a resurgence recently, we totally get it. New digital formats lack the tactility and immediacy that we grew to love about records and tapes. We want to build a relationship with our audio data!

PSE-iconWe at Pro Sound Effects pride ourselves on continually pushing the industry forward whether its with our Freelancer Program, flexible multi-user licensing, or client-driven library development. But sometimes the only way forwards is backwards. I think someone said that once. That's why we decided to apply our culture's nostalgia fetish to the world of sound effects.

However, we also have a commitment to quality. Due to the degradation factor of today's trendy analog formats, we decided to take things a step further. What combines the tangibility of analog with the precision and reliability of digital?

That's right - floppy disks.

...well, actually, DVDs and hard drives meet those criteria as well. But let's face it - Apple has singlehandedly phased out disc drives, and hard drives are totally passé at this point. How much more efficient can they make those things anyway? And what even is a terabyte? Get over yourselves.

And that's why we could not be more excited to offer our most popular general library in this underappreciated up-and-coming format. You still get all the same Hybrid Library features like 55,000+ sound effects (297GB), full online access and annual updates. But, instead of being delivered on a 500GB USB 3.0 hard drive, your library will arrive at your doorstep in several dozen very large crates altogether containing 206,250 floppy disks!

hl-floppy-warehouse1 Sweet, sweet inventory


Since each floppy disk holds a whopping 1.44MB, many sounds were split up between several disks. Some ambiences can be over 100MB, for instance, so you'll need to stitch those back together. Feels good to get your hands dirty, eh?

There's a specific type of sound designer/editor we know will embrace and thrive on the Hybrid Library floppy disk revival: The old school guys who miss cutting effects on reel to reel! The classic cats who haven't rethought their workflow since the early '90s! The good ol' dudes who haven't updated their operation system since OS X Snow Leopard! The rock solid studio rats with a deep-seated fear of change! You get the idea.

Even in their heyday, floppy disks were never a big part of sound editing (except for sound designing with digital samplers/synths like the Synclavier). But we're confident the audio post community will welcome the floppy disk with open arms. Well, we really hope so, anyway. We have a lot of inventory to move. A lot. We're desperate. Please buy it.

Learn more about ordering your Hybrid Library on floppy disk below! There may even be some sort of free download included... If you have any questions or concerns, please do not contact us. Just please get these floppy disks off our hands.


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