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How to sound design magic spell sound effects

Learn how to approach designing magic sound effects in the latest episode of Waveform featuring The Odyssey Collection: Essentials sound library.

The YouTube series Waveform is an incredibly educational (and very funny) resource for sound designers to learn how and why iconic sounds are created for games, films, and television. Produced entirely by Marshall McGee, currently a game audio sound designer at Avalanche Studios, each episode focuses on a specific sound or style and takes the viewer through the creation process – from recording (often with an iPhone mic) to designing, layering, and processing.

In this episode, McGee tackles magic spell sound design by breaking down the mystical, impactful sounds as heard in Harry Potter films and games. Rather than recording every sound from scratch, this episode illustrates a more practical sound design workflow by featuring The Odyssey Collection: Essentials – our renowned "Swiss Army knife" general library of professional, cinematic sound effects curated from the life's work of Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.

Watch the video above to see McGee and special guest, Akash Thakkar, each design their own magic spell sounds using the same 5 sound effects from Odyssey Essentials.

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The Odyssey Collection: Essentials - by Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson