2023 Halloween Sound Design Contest Winners

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The Halloween Sound Design Contest has officially ended! Here are our winners.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2023 PSE Halloween Sound Design Contest! We had over 95 incredible entries from talented sound designers around the world. The top 11 entries were judged by sound artist Andrea Bella. Andrea has been a sound designer and supervising sound editor for over twenty years. She's worked on documentaries, feature films and television series such as AMC’s The Walking Dead: Dead City and Amazon’s Outer Range.

Check out our winners below:



First Place Winner

Djordje Stevanovic

Comments from Andrea Bella: "Concise and complex storytelling through sound. Loved the individual detail for each character. The ever-changing tempo and timbre of the doors and footsteps created real tension. Loved how the crying and breathing cut out with the last gasp. The slashing and body fall going into the running away and laughing was a great way to end the story. Great work!"

Prize: CORE 5: Standard Bundle ($7,600 total value)


Second Place Winner

Nastya Yurkova

Comments from Andrea Bella: "Very moody. Loved how the space changed acoustically as we passed through each door. Every background was unique and the changing of the floor surfaces really helped to draw me into the room and the action. The music was dissonant and creepy. Really cool!"

Prize: CORE 5: Creator Bundle ($1,100 total value)


Honorable Mentions

Trinity Jackson

Comments from Andrea Bella: "Liked how the beginning was a slow steady burn with the tempo of the footsteps.  This really helped bring us into the physical space. The processing and panning of the vocals helped to disorient and create angst. Very atmospheric. Wonderful!"

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription ($99 value)


Scott Smith

Comments from Andrea Bella: "Creative design. Felt the aggression through the complex door sounds through the banging and squeaky hinges. The music playing in the background helped make the scenario feel off-kilter. Liked how the last breath rang out before the laughter started.  Cutting off the end abruptly was a nice touch. Fantastic!"

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription


Tyler Windsor

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The ominous breathy drones established evil and danger immediately. The footsteps were confident and strong, not clicky and the ocassional grit under the shoe was a nice flavor. The steady walking, and the slow creaking doors builds tension and anxiety. The whoosh on the last door open felt like it pushed me into the room. Excellent work!"

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription



Onne Roncken

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The dark bass rumble at the top was a great way to roll into the scene. The music and vocals added intrigue. Really liked the quiet beat after the last breath. The stillness gave space for the jump scare to really hit and be effective. Nice reverb tail at the end. Well done!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription ($50 value)


Abdulrahman Rabie

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The drones and the pacing of the footsteps really help set the mood. Loved the creaking, motion and fullness of the doors. The way they opened and bounced. It gave them weight which added to the sense of danger and impending doom. Nicely done!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription


Alex Abahmed

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The crickets and natural backgrounds helped to create the sense of familiarity and personal association with the space. The breathing kept us centered and connected to the person who is walking through the doors. The bass hit on the jump scare added a nice touch of evil darkness. Awesome job!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription


Harvey Fisher

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The tension really builds with the sound design. The soft booms counting off time over the risers.  Interesting twist with the "excuse me" line. That beat lightened the mood before the Clown comes back with a terrifying rise which resolves brilliantly into echoey whispers. Very nice!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription


Cedric Wiegel 

Comments from Andrea Bella: "Every component, the drones, vocals, etc. work together seamlessly.  Powerful composition. Loved the processing on the vocal sounds, especially under the door opening.  Energy keeps building until we hit black.The creak coming through the quiet pause was a nice touch. Makes the ending pop more. Great job!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription


Mateus Curvelo

Comments from Andrea Bella: "The sound design was very dreamlike and subliminal. Loved your use of reverb and how the sound effects seemed to flow effortlessly into each other. The baby crying was haunting. Brilliant!"

Prize: 6 Month SoundQ Subscription