Halloween Sound Design Contest Winners

Our spookiest contest to date has officially ended! Here are our winners.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Halloween Sound Design Contest! We had over 200 incredible entries from talented sound designers around the world. The top 10 entries were judged by Academy Award®-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Mad Max: Fury Road), and the winners will walk away with up to $6,400 in sound libraries.

We were beyond impressed (and spooked) by the creativity, enthusiasm, and artistry on display. Check out our winners below:



First Place Winner

Joachim Nyholm

Comments from Mark Mangini: "Loved the use of the clown horn as a signature! Super simple and clean. Single scream very effective sting for reveal."

Prize: CORE 4: Standard Bundle ($6,400+ total value)



Second Place Winner

Louie Ramirez

Comments from Mark Mangini:"Great use of kalimba intro for clown theme. Great vocal performances. Avoided trope-ish shrieks and the bonus material at the end was wonderful and appreciated."

Prize: CORE 4: Creator Bundle ($900+ total value)



Honorable Mentions

Gabriel Taneko

Comments from Mark Mangini: "Big props for writing clever dialogue and taking the initiative to use dialogue to tell the story."

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription ($99 value)



Sergio Fuentes

Comments from Mark Mangini: "Great extension of the action demonstrating what might have happened after the video ended. Avoided trope-ish shrieks and stings. A lot of detail work here."

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription ($99 value)



Bas Gijzen

Comments from Mark Mangini: "Loved the giggling clown, the tinnitus tone and the avoidance of the sting on the reveal. Novel approach. Muffled sound at end was a nice touch too."

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription ($99 value)



Evgeny Diachenko

Comments from Mark Mangini: "Good sound design is about telling a story and this one is very clear and inventive. The sounds were the most terrifying. Loved the Happy Halloween tag at the end."

Prize: 1 Year SoundQ Subscription ($99 value)




Ahmed Sabbour



Tom Schalk



Camilo Mércio



Anders Jacobsson
joinsquad.com (Primary Sound Designer)



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