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GameSoundCon & AES LA 2014 Wrap-Up


PSE shades
PSE pals


 Team PSE is back on the east coast after a wonderful week in LA sponsoring GameSoundCon and then attending AES 137.

And yes, the rumors were true: we were handing out custom-made, ultra fly Pro Sound Effects crazy-eye sunglasses left and right.


We had a grand ol' time sponsoring GameSoundCon on Oct. 7-8. Not only did we meet tons of new people and catch our pal Stephan Schütze's FMOD Studio lectures, but we also got to hang with so many Hybrid Library owners it made our heads spin (in a good way... a very good way).

A special shout out to Filipe Mejia, who took home a free Hybrid Library of his own as one of the winners of GSC's product giveaway raffle! And did we mention we were handing out mega fresh PSE shades? Check our GameSoundCon album on Facebook for more photos.


Brian Schmidt interview
Jeremy & David with Brian Schmidt, head of GSC (featuring ice cream pops)
Jeremy Siegel, PSE Licensing & Library Specialist, being interviewed by
Filipe Mejia GSC product giveaway
Jeremy & Douglas with Felipe Mejia, Hybrid Library winner
GSC crowd eagerly awaiting product giveaway raffle winners


Stephan Schütze Timothy Anderson
Stephan Schütze during FMOD Studio lecture
 Jeremy with PSE Master Library owner Timothy Anderson and his ice cream pop

AES LA 2014

The 137th International AES Convention was as magical as we'd hoped it would be. Though we weren't sponsoring this time, we got to take a bunch of meetings and check out all the sessions our hearts desired. We also attended the iZotope Ozone 6 release party which was awesome. And, oh yeah... more PSE shades.

Robert Miller Dave Hill Jr, Matt Hines, & Kim Pfluger
Jeremy and Robert Miller, Avid Product Specialist - PSE shades game strong
 Jeremy & Douglas with Dave Hill Jr, Matt Hines, & Kim Pfluger from iZotope



A million thank yous to everyone who came out to these trade shows, especially to those of you who stopped by the Pro Sound Effects® booth at GSC. Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for all PSE news and announcements - we've got some big things coming up this month so stay tuned!

And, hey, if you've made it this far we have a Next Level surprise for you: follow the instructions below for 5 free downloads from the Pro Sound Effects Online Library. This code expires Oct. 31, 2014 so don't snooze!

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