PSE Client Spotlight: University of North Texas


Every sound effects user is different. The PSE Client Spotlight Series provides examples of how Pro Sound Effects works with individual clients to provide customized, multi-faceted sound effects solutions based on their unique circumstances.

We have worked hard over the years to hone our offerings for many industries, not the least of which is Education. More and more schools around the globe have come to depend on our Next Level solutions to serve professional, contemporary sound effects content to their typically many students and faculty with affordable, non-commercial licensing.

One such outstanding client is the University of North Texas, where Brenda Jaskulske is faculty in the Department of Media Arts. Some quick stats on UNT:


Program Name: University of North Texas Department of Media Arts
(formerly Department of Radio, Television and Film)
Number of Students:  Approximately 1,700 majors
Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Converged Broadcast Media, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts
Audio Software: Adobe Audition for introductory audio/broadcast classes, Pro Tools for advanced audio/film sound classes
Other Tools: Soundminer, iZotope RX, PluralEyes

"Students have come to rely on the Pro Sound Effects Library for the variety of sounds, the quality of the recordings and the ease of use. Plus, with special student pricing from Pro Sound Effects, our students may affordably purchase the SFX rights for their productions for use post-graduation. Because each element of audio production - voice, music and sound effects - are important, we want the best tools we can get at the most affordable price for our students at the University of North Texas.

"UNT Media Arts students learn how to effectively produce a variety of media content, from narrative and documentary digital cinema to television, radio, corporate media and beyond. The work they create not only helps open doors for them in the industry, but also often ends up at film festivals, screenings, and on the air, garnering local, state and national awards.


"Production students are required to take audio classes and quickly learn how important great audio is to any project, regardless of the medium. From recording clean audio in the field, to obtaining the perfect music and finding the right sound effects for the action and mood, we provide the tools to help them get creative and take their productions to the next level."

Brenda Jaskulske
Senior Lecturer / Audio Coordinator
Department of Media Arts
University of North Texas

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Jeremy Siegel
Licensing Specialist

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