Capturing Immersive Rain with Mark Mangini

Discover the approach and techniques used by Oscar®-winning sound artist Mark Mangini to record rich and unique rain sounds.

It is well known among sound recordists that rain is notoriously difficult to record. Rain recordings can often end up sounding like a wall of noise captured from the safety of a shelter. To capture the true sound and texture of rain, award-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Blade Runner 2049) ventured out into the elements armed with a variety of multichannel microphone arrays, a custom-built rain shield, and decades of experience in field recording and creating sound for film. The results represent what it sounds and feels like to be in the rain, not just near it.

In this video interview, Mark shares techniques and stories behind capturing specific sounds included in Rain – his latest library release from Pro Sound Effects. Bring a new level of sonic storytelling to your next project with this masterful collection of detailed rainfall recordings.


Announcing our newest series of sound effects libraries from Mark Mangini.

We’re thrilled to announce that Rain is only the first in our new series of fresh, state-of-the-art libraries from Mark Mangini. When we first teamed up in 2017, our goal was to develop the Odyssey Collection from his personal sound library built throughout his career with partner Richard L. Anderson while creating the sound for hundreds of Hollywood films. Since then we have periodically released libraries solely from Mangini, including LA Ambisonics and Kinetic, but now we’re proud to officially continue our exclusive partnership to develop his latest and freshest material – all meticulously recorded and edited to ensure the highest level of quality and authenticity.

These highly anticipated follow-ups will be made available throughout 2023 and beyond, providing creators everywhere with the same exceptional sonic ingredients that Mangini himself uses in his award-winning work. We can’t wait for you to experience these new libraries.


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Many thanks to Mike James Gallagher for leading this interview! Mike is an Emmy-nominated sound effects editor & sound designer (Weird, Selena) and creator of INDEPTH Sound Design. Check out his work here:


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