Behind the Library: Tortured Memories with Mark Mangini

Discover the innovative recording and sound design techniques used by Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini on his newest sound library.

Award-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Blade Runner 2049) has a long history with using musical instruments in sound design for Hollywood movies. From turning tubas into spaceships, to using wind wands for helicopters, Mangini has developed an extensive collection of cinematic sound effects from creative and non-traditional use of instruments.

In this video interview, Mark shares techniques and stories behind creating specific sounds included in Tortured Memories – his latest library release from Pro Sound Effects. Bring a new level of emotion to your next project with this masterful collection of unique and inspiring sound effects.


Available Now – Tortured Memories

We’re thrilled to announce Tortured Memories, a brand new library of expressive sound design from acclaimed sound artist Mark Mangini. Using his extensive collection of musical instruments both common and unusual, along with a generous helping of creative processing, Mangini delivers a range of highly unique and inspiring sounds with a common theme.

More of these highly anticipated libraries will be made available throughout 2023 and beyond, providing creators everywhere with the same exceptional sonic ingredients that Mangini himself uses in his award-winning work. We can’t wait for you to experience these new libraries.


"This library is useful to anyone who understands the power of sound to evoke emotion or feeling. These sounds would rarely 'sync' to picture. They are recorded and designed to be as non-diegetic as possible. They are meant to underline a mood or a theme, to span cuts or beats and to bridge the gap between sound effects and music; to erase those boundaries.

These are original sounds, designed from whole cloth, that no one has heard before. They have been created for the purpose of expanding the sound editors palette and encouraging them to think emotively, rather than diegetically, while using them." — Mark Mangini


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Many thanks to Mike James Gallagher for leading this interview! Mike is an Emmy-nominated sound effects editor & sound designer (Weird, Selena) and creator of INDEPTH Sound Design. Check out his work here:


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