Behind the Library: Data with Mark Mangini

Learn how Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini created the sounds of futuristic tech and communications for his newest sound library.

From the futuristic soundscapes of Blade Runner 2049 to the mind-bending auditory experiences of Mad Max: Fury Road, Academy Award®-winning sound designer Mark Mangini has consistently pushed the boundaries of cinematic sound design. He's taken us on sonic journeys through post-apocalyptic wastelands, distant galaxies, and now, into the realm of futuristic tech and communications. For his latest sound effects library Data, Mangini explores the world of electronics by recording the hums of microprocessors, the crackling of data transferring through cables, and the electromagnetic activity of machines, where he is then able to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

In this video interview, Mark discusses the creative process and techniques behind Data. In the ever-evolving world of sound design, staying ahead of the curve is essential. If you're a sound editor or designer seeking to craft audio experiences that transport your audience to futuristic realms, look no further. Data is your passport to exploring the soundscapes of tomorrow. Unravel the sound of the future with Mark Mangini’s cutting edge sound effects and elevate your own creative projects. 




“These sounds will be very useful for science fiction, robots, computers, and futuristic equipment or weaponry. They evoke the idea that something sophisticated and computerized is happening by enabling a device or turning on a device or a device malfunction…. They will certainly be useful for future films and gaming, and are great for anything futuristic.” — Mark Mangini


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Many thanks to Mike James Gallagher for leading this interview! Mike is an Emmy-nominated sound effects editor & sound designer (Weird, Selena) and creator of INDEPTH Sound Design. Check out his work here:

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