Behind the Library: Body Sounds with Mark Mangini

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Learn how Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini captured authentic sounds of the human body for his newest sound library.

In this video interview, Academy Award®-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Mad Max: Fury Road) shares stories and experiences behind the creation of Body Sounds - his newest library available exclusively from Pro Sound Effects.

Driven by a lifelong fascination with body sounds and a frustration with their unavailability in one place, Mangini set out to create an extensive and diverse collection. The result covers a broad range of internal sounds, Foley, mouth noises and more that are equally useful for hyper-realistic sound editing and cartoonish sound design.




"These are sounds that are always scattered about one's sound library, never in one easy-to-find place and always of varying quality. I liked the title Body Sounds as it would be an easily rememberable search term that would bring up a category of sounds that are hard to describe, or hard to describe with consistency. This would include obvious things like knuckle cracks or whistling but also indescribable things like lip burble or vocal pops." – Mark Mangini


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Many thanks to Mike James Gallagher for leading this interview! Mike is an Emmy-nominated sound effects editor & sound designer (Weird, Selena) and creator of INDEPTH Sound Design. Check out his work here: